Friday, January 10, 2014

The system that exposes the world

Welcome, to my weekly Valvrave rambling.

Eh, yes, I just came back from the stream, which worked out perfectly, I should have used this stream sooner, but I am so retarded that I cannot find a decent stream by myself.

Anyway, caps from /a/ and 2ch because I didn't take any, I am a shit.

Anyway, I am surprised about how calm I am after this shit episode, oh well, it wasn't that shitty but with Thunder dying I was like, what?? Oh, well, I was expecting this.

Ok, please remember that all of my posts are shit. Eh... I won't talk that much because I am really tired, I slept like 3 hours, I've been trying to handle this depression (not talking about the VVV) and yeah.

Eh... So, the OTP reunites. I ship like Everyone/Everyone in this series so... Yeah. Hahaha. I don't know. I was happy at this.

Yakusoku time.

It's 2013 and I still don't know what Saki sees in him. I am extremely retarded, so, enlighten me. His only charm point is how naive he is and how determined he can get but I don't know what Saki sees in him, she's too much for him, idk. They needed a famous idol main character for the MC, this shit feels like Macross. I fucking hate love triangles.

I am so happy they're alive, thanks.

I stil can't get over the fact that Plue's voice is really hot, every time he talks is like a blessing to my ears. Thank god for his seiyuu, hahahaha...........................

Haruto goes for his robot and to visit ShokoShoko and they still hate him and call him bakemono, I find it really funny how often these people change their opinions, like, they change really easy. They cannot think for themselves, if someone calls them "bakemono" they're like "ewwww". Shoko declared independence and they were like "aww yiss" but after something bad happened they didn't want independence anymore. They brought all of that shit upon themselves. If the world calls them heroes they agree, if the world calls them monsters, they agree.

This people are so fucking stupid, this show is ridiculous.

Delicious tears.

The only despair I felt was for Akira and that's because her first real friend started talking shit in front of her.

I wonder why no one asks like "Fucking politicians, please make up your minds.", because, seriously, first ARUS and Dorssia hate on each other, then they fight for JIOR and now they are like "Fuck everything, lets be bffs". Fuck this logic, fuck this shit show. Fuck you, Ichiro Okouchi.


I am so tired I don't even know what to say. Eh... Shit went down. I don't know if it's because I'm depressed or what but I didn't feel excited I was just like "haha ok." the whole episode, ehh.... This scene was awesome and I don't know,.

I am just glad that best girl Audrey is happy, because if he's happy, then I am too. He finally got his man back, he's so happy I just can't handle this.

Shit show.

Haruto forgetting Shoko and everyone happy about it, I am so tired I ain't even mad.

Shoko was best last season, now Saki is best this season. Everyone is so forgetful it is actually painful, oh my god, why hate on Shoko if what she's doing is for the best of the students. Fuck Haruto, he has Saki and L-Elf as his lovers. Shoko has no one, she has been suffering since the beggining and now she wants to protect the students and people hate on her just because they favor Saki. I like both of them, so this irks me.


Based L-Elf taking revenge for Saki, that's why he's my waifu. And everyone was like "oh my goooodddd". Retarded people and their retarded opinions (like mine, yeah.). Everyone has to rely on L-Elf because he's the only one that can think in this retarded world.I fucking knew it, so, I am not mad at all. I am just tired.

I don't have anything else to say, good bye, I am gone

Anyway, I laugh really hard because on my streams they're always like 12000 people, VVV, I can't believe you.


What a good preview for the last episode, yes, this explains everything.
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