Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Last day of a year is the start of a new adventure

People would probably comment on my inconsistency. Here I was just starting a the other day, and now I'm already abandoning it for a blogspot site. Why? Honestly, I made that tumblr thing because someone suggested me to do so when I told him I want to start a fresh blog. By a few posts, I realized that tumblr is more of a picture sharing site, not the ideal kind of blog I wanted.

So I went back here. Tadaa! I welcome you to my -hopefully- regularly updated blog. No, I SHOULD update regularly. I will make it a goal to write at least one entry per day for the next year. Let's start by making a summary of the soon ending year of 2013.


This has been a rather eventful year for me. Filled with lots of ups and downs, with tears and laughter, with food and friends and everything else in between.

The year started with a great movie, . It was one of those movies that I know I'm going to watch while crying, but I love it anyway. JANUARY also witnessed the wedding of a dear friend I known from work. She's such a sweet lady, truly. Sadly, though, I couldn't attend the wedding she held back in our hometown.

But on FEBRUARY, she held a party where I got to duet some Disney tunes per her request. On February I also exchanged my old phone for an android device, now allowing me to do things while on the move. It was also the month where my favorite Japanese idol family, opened up their . This has been my weekly entertainment since.

March witnessed the end of a year long DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS campaign I had with my good friends titled THE SCARLET BANNERS. I remembered how I cried when it ended, not as much as sadness but out of anger.

Then, came APRIL. The greatest achievement was attending my dearest's graduation day. Why was it such an achievement? Because I got to spend the day with his whole family. Also, I (although late) watched . At the end of the month, I got to meet friends who I haven't seen for years. I see them quite often in my dreams, so it was fulfilling to finally get to spend some time with them.

MAY was mostly spent with brewing plot for a better future. Which was brought to life on JUNE. I moved from my old rented house to a better place as well as starting a new job. It has more challenges, but it is also more fun. With some close friends, we made our own game company called , aiming to create games with great storylines.

As a start, we launched a kickstarter project on JULY. Sadly, we failed to reach our goal by the deadline on AUGUST. I visited my hometown for annual holiday feasts this month, returning back bringing a large package filled with food made by my mom for my dearest. Also, I bought a toy I've wanted for years after breaking my own glasses a few days before.

Yay! VF-1A/S fighter plane from Macross anime

SEPTEMBER, was the official birthday of my favorite idol group, . It's their 16th anniversary, and I've been their fans for 15 of those years. They celebrated this month by releasing two great songs. Also, I got one of my short stories published in an anthology that I worked on with some close friends. I never thought that the story was going to be published so I -as always- just wrote anything that came up in my head. I hope people won't get too shocked reading that story called 'F'.

OCTOBER didn't have much going on other than the 7th anniversary with my boyfriend and a somewhat huge fight. But it was all good by NOVEMBER when my brother came to visit town. He spent ten days in town including his birthday. So as a surprise, I invited my mom over to celebrate it together. I was also the day that the anthology project I mentioned before got officially launched.

A to Z anthology by request

And on DECEMBER, I got one of the best birthday gift ever. A set of art books by , filled with his arts for the Final Fantasy series. And thus, went the wonderful year of 2013 for me.

The Sky, Yoshitaka Amano

Last but not least, what would a New Year be without some goals and resolutions, right? Mine would be:

- TO BE A HAPPIER PERSON. Really, I should keep reminding myself that being always nice and waiting for other people won't do me any good. Which means for example, no more giving empty promises and no more keeping up with people who runs late.- HAVE HOBBIES. It sucks lately since one of my hobby became my work. On one side, I a blessed to enjoy my work. On the other hand, I need another hobby that won't always remind me of work. - MAKE SOME CRITICAL DECISION. I'll tell you more when the day comes. - LEARN AT LEAST ONE SONG AND PLAY IT WELL ON THE FLUTE.

I'll stop here and go have lunch now. Thank you for reading and have fun on this New Year's eve. Be safe and see you next year!

- nath
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