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AFA SG 13: Interview with May'n

In 2008, she performed as the singing voice of Diva of the Galaxy, Sheryl Nome, in the TV anime "Macross Frontier." She released two singles in the same year, both of which instantly became big hits, each placing in the top three on the Oricon Weekly Chart. In the same year, she had her first overseas performance in Singapore and attended AFA for the first time. From then on to present May n has been frequent visitor to Singapore and AFA. Audiences who has witnessed her live performance is immediately transported into another world by her mesmerizing and powerful vocals that pierce deep into the heart. She fascinates many audiences with her irresistible singing skills and unique voice, and continues to be the must-see "New Generation Female Rock Vocalist." It's her 6th time attending the event and we are very excited to chat with her in person again. As always, our Galaxy Fairy is ready to share her thought with us and it's our honor to be a part of it. The interview was done in collaboration with comrades from Hexieshe. Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary next year(buchou). What do you wish to accomplish the most in these 10 years? To commemorate the 10th year anniversary since my debut, I have planned to do many things for my fans - this includes releases of new singles and albums, and of course my recently announced nendroid. There are will also be a Grand World Tour being planned for next year.Regarding your tour, May'n Road to 10th anniversary Japan & World Tour - [Dots And lines], can you share with us the significance of the tour's title? For the Japan tour, it is my dream is to perform at every prefecture in the island-country. I see each prefectures as a dot on the Japan map, and I hope to accomplish this dream of joining these "dots" with lines as significant of my tour's progress by performing in each and everyone of them. As for my coming World Tour, there is the plan to perform in all the other countries that I have yet to perform in, and similarly in concept with joining the dots with lines, I really wish to see the hearts of my fans joined as one with my music. To me this will be a compilation and cumulative show of my 10 years of effort and hard work in the industry. In order to let everyone listen to new songs in next year's live concert, are you preparing your fourth album now? Can you share some details on it with us? It has been 2 years since I last released an album, and in these two years I had performed in numerous lives, concerts both in Japan and overseas and these have been well received. For the new album to be release next year, I wish to bring out the best in performance of my music by drawing this very support and power from my fans and reciprocate this through its recording and release. Other than announcing the live, you have also announced a Nendroid in the works. What accessories do you hope to see in the set? (example: A stage with working lights or a plate of taiyaki) Well .. It's all in the planning stages now and whilst the taiyaki or stage ideas are really fun to imagine, I wish to keep it as a surprise for now. But, please look forward to the nendroid's release. Being able to reach your 10 year anniversary is no small feat. Who do you want to thank for being able to make it so far? I would of course like to thank all the fans who have shown support for me and my music all this while. To all non-Japanese fans in Singapore and from all the other countries throughout the world who have always sent me messages of support. Which is a boost of power-up for me and the love for my music and performance, I am eternally grateful and would like to perform my best for everyone. May'n will collaborate with livetune kz for the 9th Single "Kyou ni Koiiro". I have heard that this song will show us your new image. Can you tell us more about this new image? I am aiming for a cute image in this new song as this will used as the opening theme for the anime "" (Inari Konkon, Koi Iroha) which is about love and is veering towards the cute image typical of moe-type () animes. I have been singing theme songs for animes that portrays on battles, fighting and strength in the theme, so for me this is also a change to the cute, sweet, moe image and I am extremely keen to take up this new challenge. From your blog, you said that you collect Hatsune Miku merchandise such as nendoroid and plushie. Do you like Hatsune Miku? Do you have any thought of future collaboration? I really love Hatsune Miku a lot! In terms of possible collaboration, as I will be having my own nendoroid figurine soon scheduled for release next year, I wish to portray to my fans and to the world an image of me cosplaying as Hatsune Miku, but at the same time keeping features distinctive to myself. Recently, you represented Japan and participated for Abu TV Song Festival in Vietnam. How do you feel about the representative role and how different is it from singing for Anime-related events? It was a mixture of nervousness and excitement all at once for me when I was backstage at the event and mingling with artiste-representatives from many different countries. Of course there were also artistes from Singapore among the international artistes, and I thoroughly enjoyed interacting with them and exchanging views on music, musical creations and performance. While in Vietnam, did you find any local delicacy you like? Which one is your favorite? B nh Xeo a cake, crepe-like dish in Vietnam. This year is ending soon. Do you still...

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