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Pretty Cure Overload: Thirty-two Young Girls Fighting Together

The poster of Pretty Cure New Stage 2.

Why is it so difficult to convince my friends, both Japanese and American, that anime for young girls are exceptionally fun to watch?

It's that time of the year when I have to convince my friends to channel their inner seven-year-old girls so I can go watch the newest Pretty Cure movie.Luckily this time around I was able to do so, and I didn't have to "suffer" watching Eiga Purikya Oru Sutazu Nyu Suteji Tsu: Kokoro no Tomodachi (New Stage 2).As I said in my Smile Precure movie article, as a film for children, adults may have a difficult time with the material, but children will enjoy it.As an all-star movie, every Pretty Cure appears in the film, and all but a few have spoken parts this time around, which is a nice treat for fans of the franchise.It's also very fast paced, with very few breaks in the action, but it is a bit exhausting.

An old Japanese friend of mine likes franchise films where all the pervious characters in the franchise appear, and I don't disagree with him.I too enjoy watching crossover films, Macross FB7 is a good example, and I had a fun time seeing all the Pretty Cures in New Stage 2.It's great for fans, and for children who remember pervious series, though I'm sure the children who are watching the film can only remember as far back as the previous series.To jog the memories of people who may not remember all the characters, the writers were kind enough to include a brief, and I do mean brief, look back at the franchise, and I felt that was helpful.I sure know I didn't remember every character in the franchise and their exploits.

But sometimes seeing all the characters is not enough.Unlike last year's all-star film, it was nice hearing many more of the characters speak, and even though many were quick one-liners, or yelling attacks, I still enjoyed hearing the characters.I feel there's no point in crossover films if most of the main characters don't have at least one spoken part, and in the case of Pretty Cure, since there are only about twenty-five, excluding the girls different partners, it's conceivable they would have at least one spoken line, and most did, so I was satisfied.

I'm sure it's difficult to keep children enthralled for long periods of time, especially with films.I feel New Stage 2 is very fast paced because of this and I didn't mind it at all.There are a lot of cuts to action scenes, and mind you the film is filled with them, especially during the second and third act, and little time is spent on each one.Every action scene also provided a chance to see some old single character attacks and combinations, which as a fan I thoroughly enjoyed.But the climax was a bit overboard with the number of times Tart, from Fresh Pretty Cure, asked the children in the audience to wave their "Miracle Light."As much as I like seeing children waving them, once or twice is really enough.

I will most likely emphasize this about every Pretty Cure film ever made; this is a children's movie, and as a children's movie, the material is not aimed at adults, except for fans.So it's no wonder the overarching story and it's messaging had to do with friendship and all those fun mores that parents should teach their children.I feel that as more and more Pretty Cure films are made, though, the messaging is becoming that much more direct.It's not as if I have a problem with this, but I feel that it can be a disservice to children because they'll eventually need to learn how to pick up subtler messaging.New Stage 2 and other such films provide the perfect opportunity for this.I mean what child really wants to hear about friendship, sharing, kindness, and the like, when there are monsters to be beaten.

Eiga Purikya Oru Sutazu Nyu Suteji Tsu: Kokoro no Tomodachi is a good film for parents to take their children to.It's got what it needs to keep them entertained and on the edge of their seats.Adults may find it a bit tedious, but adult fans of the Pretty Cure franchise will not.I did find myself dozing off in a few places, but that may have been because I was extremely tired, and had wanted to take a nap all day.It's a good addition to the growing list of Pretty Cure movies, but I'd just wait until the DVD or Blu-ray is released, unless your child is pestering you to see it in theaters, or you're that inclined to be become a seven-year-old girl, which is a hard feat for an adult man.

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