Monday, December 30, 2013

Macross 30

Macross 30 story takes 50 years after Space War I, which took place in the Macross : Do You Remember Love / SDF Macross and one year after the Vajra War happened in Macross Frontier . Leon Sakaki ( Miyu Irino ) , SMS pilot , had just arrived on the planet Ouroboros to carry out their duties just like arrive at the office SMS Ouroboros branch . Suddenly she is attacked by an unknown person and fell into the planet . There he was saved by Aisha Blanchette ( Marina Inoue ) , which led the young Zentradi SMS office Ouroboros branch .

Due to the space - fold problem known as " Ouroboros Aurora , " Leon can not go home . Therefore, he decided to help Aisha to investigate the ruins that exist on the planet . When are investigating , they both met a girl named Mina Forte ( Haruka Chigusa , winner of the Miss Macross 30 ) . Their adventure to solve the planet's problems began.

Macross 30 has gameplay action RPG with a world that is open-world . As an RPG game , you can bring a variety of items to help you , make a new plane , complete side - quests , and more. In his world you can even get around to fight the enemy or find items .

Content offered pretty much where you can make a wide variety of aircraft , where the aircraft can be enhanced . You can also make a pack for a plane like the one in the anime series .

For control , Macross 30 offers three kinds of control , there are similar to Macross Trial Frontier / Macross Last Frontier , or there are also similar to other gaming control plane , and also there is a bit similar to the third-person shooter game . The actions you are doing too much at all like a rifle primary weapon attack , special weapons such as missiles , melee attacks , and even special moves and also support skill by the singer .

Unfortunately the execution of Macross 30 is quite a lot of disadvantages because too many actions that can be done . For instance at the time of shooting , you have to press the shoot button ( depending on configuration ) , but because there is recoil , you are advised to shoot in burst . The problem is to do a reload , you have to press the shoot button twice . Similarly to float / fly in fashion Gerwalk or Battroid .

Another downside again is when dialogue and cutscene . While the cutscene , Macross 30 using 2D animation , but unfortunately like flash animation where the movement is very minimal. When it should be using the standard 2D animation like anime originated from the anime Macross remembering .

In terms of aircraft models Valkyrie is pretty good . The change of each mode looks cool . But unfortunately when observed closely , the texture is not good . On the bright side , the texture is not so visible in detail because the movement is very fast .

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