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Cool Products Wednesday, December 18, 2013

For the new update, we've got some excellent products from Japan for you. You can view all new J-List products by clicking .

TODAY'S NEWGate, Sonic the Hedgehog, plus Macross Heroines, so great to display on your desk.

Those Sailor Moon Communication Device Cases are in stock, though 80% of them have sold. Grab a set if you want one!

Every year we're amazed at the popularity of our grab bags, which give you a ton of random toys, bento, even hentai inside. What will you get?

If you can't make up your mind, make things easier on yourself and just get a J-List gift certificate. They'll be glad you did!

Japan loves its erasers, and we have a big restocking of the fun erasers you make yourself using the microwave and included molds, incl. chocolates!

Learn the secret art of sushi origami (perfect for practicing for the real thing), plus all the Japanese study supplies you can shake a katana at.

Kumamon is a popular Yuru-Chara of the Kumamoto Prefecture which are all the rage in Japan now. Check out this lovely Kumamon Gift Bag.

When life gives you lemons, make Pikachu shaped muffins, I always say. Various fun products restocked today.

Kagami Mochi literally means 'mirror rice cake' in Japanese, and is a traditional New Years decoration. Celebrate the New Year with this mochi display.

Enjoy a delicious new variety of Bitter Chocolate Fran, plus Premium White Soda (Pocari Sweat) candy and Ramune gummy!

We love to sell Japanese snacks related to your favorite anime, and today we restocked our Pokemon candies.

Be sure to take a look inside our snack listings because we've got tons old favorites back there waiting for you like the Heart Moko Moko Toilet Candy.

We got two new 2-tier bento box featuring the adorable Totoro from My Neighbor Totoro and kawaii Jiji from Kiki's Delivery Service.

Not only is this penguin super cute, he's also a functional gummy candy making friend! Words cannot describe this cuteness.

A large update of random kitchen products, like the Pop Up Character Bread maker, and awesome Nyanko Cat Tong for cooking.

We defy anyone to find a cuter panda or frog coffee cup than the awesome ones we're restocking today. Click to browse now.

See great products for getting good luck in the new year. We also have traditional ema wishing boards for Year of the Horse, 2014!

Preorder this kawaii Nendoroid figure of cute aircraft carrier, Akagi. She comes with a lot of fun extra parts fans will enjoy.

Wow! A rare figure of Athena Asamiya in her goddess outfit from the classic 2D fighting game Neogeo Battle Coliseum. Preorder her now.

Fans of popular idol anime Love Live! are in for a treat with this lovely figure of cute idol Umi Sonoda in her vibrant idol costume!


Raizo is a hot JAV magazine featuring a wide array of genres, previews from the hottest label, AV stars and amateurs.

Enjoy Mana Sakura's latest photobook jam-packed with sexy photos showing off her amazing body. Click to see our awesome photobooks in stock.

Whether you're into hot wives with glamorous bodies or slutty rich girls, you'll find something you like in our manga section today!

From Space Battleship Yamato 2199 to A Certain Scientific Railgun S, and more, we've got plenty of new doujinshi for you to browse today!

From the mangaka of the zombie girlfriend manga, Sankarea, comes this wonderful yuri manga about cute girls loving other cute girls tenderly.

And we've restocked some of the best like Monster Musume Paradise, Soku Hame Channel and other popular ero works.

We have a nice update of sexy artbooks, including Moeru! Majo Jiten for fans of cute witches, plus Erect! visual fanbook and more.

Then: enjoy some red-hot "cast off" anime figures from Japan, which have an, ah, interactive aspect to their clothing that really makes them fun to own.

We love the new onaholes from TamaToys that simulate pure, studious girls who are curious about sex, with great Kantoku-style art.

See other toys in stock, including the Passionate Gimmick, a really well made toy, and Deko Boko Mou Mou, plus parody anime toys.

Plus toys based on our favorite JAV stars, such as Aimi Yoshikawa, Risa Tachibana and Mihono Sakiguchi. SOD male aids restocked, too.

The toy that lets a girl become a cat-girl in an interesting way is on its way to becoming a J-List legend. See vibrators, too.

Costumes can add so much to playtime, and we restocked several items, including shimapan and various "trap" products.

Today's recommended English eroge is School Days, the full animated amazing game that's completely uncensored + super awesome!

The fun continues with the latest installment of the Venus Blood series, an erotic strategy RPG with challenging gameplay and plenty of cute girls to conquer.

See restocked eroge too, incl. the USB powered toy + 3D Custom Girl games, Fault!! Service by Tony Taka, Cross Channel and the Majikoi games!

TMA sets us up with 15 hot Japanese girls including Eririka Katagiri, Nao Mizuki, Erika Kitagawa for a hot female teacher fetish compilation in Blu-Ray.

Yuma Asami fans will want to get their hands of these 2 new best-of from Alice Japan, put together with love, in a 2 DVD - 8 hour package!

SOD has put together an awesome new lesbian release featuring only amateur friend couples enjoying their first les-experience guided by Erika Kitagawa.

Watch the new and long awaited SOD Star in her second release, a juicy shiofuki performance!


Finally enjoy a large update of "H" works including a very special cafe in which girls pay for their coffee by felating their waiters, Could You Enter a Hot Spring Bath With Only a Towel? 8 Hours Special, The Tentacle DX Box 470 minutes (!!), Kiss Chijo with Kana Yuma, the New Face Debut of Towa Aragaki, Fascinating Lesbian Soapland with Women Who Are Addicted to Women, plus more stock of the Akira Fubuki remastered videos.
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