Sunday, December 29, 2013

2013 huh?

Well that was 2013.

I don't think I'm yet used to putting 20xx in front of the year let alone 201x...

I'd like to thank everyone who looks in on this corner of the tubes and puts up with my mostly coherent ranting. This blog as seen a great up tick in traffic over the past twelve months; something that has buoyed me to write and post more often and focus this blog into the lean mean pop culture yakking machine it is today.

What is happening next year? Who can say, a little bit of this, some of and maybe something new as well?

To leave you for this year is something I have spent an age on this year but yet to write about (apart from that one time in a round about way). Travel to Japan again and a connectedre-sparked interest in the anime classics I loved in my youth led me to to a weird listening to J-pop place. So here is a bit, the lovely Sheryl Nome (Mayn the actual artist) with the awesome closing title sequence from Macross Frontier. The song "Northern Cross"

Happy new year!
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