Sunday, October 20, 2013

Macross Frontier

I caught a cold the other day and still sick in bed right now T w T I'm not also allowed to do things and ordered to just stay in bed and get some plenty of rest. (- ) Thank Goodness it's almost vacation time *sigh*. To my boredom, i decided to watch Macross Frontier since i've been watching Mameguch' live perfs at youtube and seems like her popular songs are from this anime, i gave it a try.. Well, to tell you guys honestly *sigh* My lame reason for watching this series is just about my plain curiosity on who's really the really real main character and why there are girls singing? LOL. Ever since i became an admin to a certain cosplay page, whenever i'm searching for cosplay pictures to post.. I always stumble to Macross F.'s cosplays, seems like this one is pretty popular to cosplayers, especially Sheryl Nome's character. There's a lot of Ranka Lee cosplay as well and not to mention, also my fave girl : 3 This is all the reason why i really wanted to know who is the freaking real main character of this story* ~

I just finished watching it yesterday night and i'm so proud of myself because it's a two-cour anime and i've finished it with just 2 days, so YEAH! And to my knowing.. Sheryl nor Ranka is not the lead. They are both the main characters but the real protagonist is . Obviously he is the one who is responsible to the things i'mma say next : P I'm not really good with mecha anime but i really like Neon EVA tho XD Anyways, there's a huge amount of Romance in the story.. well, actually it's the stir to the plot, honestly.. so let's just talk about that. First of all, i like this anime and i regretted a part of me that i didn't get to see this while it's still airing but there are also things that i can't consider about this series- for example, they left us all hanging with the galactic love triangle in the story! What if you're not gonna watch the film? They didn't consider those things before making the ending.. I mean, the ending was fantastic but the main character, Alto ohime-sama is boating in two rivers.. HNARGH! It makes me cry angry tears because i am not, as you can see?! I am not completely satisfied with that kind of ending. They should have at least.. put a closure to those people's relationship.. I'm actually team Ranka, i wan't her to end up with Alto but it's so clear like the Sunday morning sky that he likes? Sheryl, aRGH fwack!! I mean, if it's really sherylXalto then at least they should have use that than leaving it hanging. Of course, a lot of RankaxAlto shipper will probably explode but it's fucking clear already! Ranka is so falling behind ever since she searched for that vajra thing planet and stuffs, so at least.. just to make everyone not expecting anymore, they should have make that ending a sherylXalto centered.. In that case, fans and viewers will be contented, perhaps. But for me it is more okay than leaving the ending (as you can see in the picture above) hanging like that.. I mean, what's that?! what kind of ending is that?! that's it? we'll just leave it like that? those girls are both chasing that guy? and the guy, it's a-ok for him to be like that? WTH?! I don't wanna ask anymore, it gets me even more angry about that shity topic and way of resolving things.. Remember this, alto-kun! You. Only. Get. One. I am clearly against this two timing thing, grrrr!

Ahahah~ Ooppsie, i got so excited again =='' Alas, the songs are so amazing.. I am forever bias when it comes to 's composition ; P Eheeh, Even though it seems like i really hated the story.. I actually loved it w w XD Minna! Dakishimete, ginga no hate made!

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