Monday, October 14, 2013

Macross: Do You Remember Love?


The movie is a film adaptation of the original Macross series, with new animation. The storyline of the film does not fit directly into the Macross chronology, and was originally an alternate-universe retelling of the story, but was later established as part of the Macross universe. Within the Macross universe it is a popular movie (i.e. a movie within a television series), a fact shown in Macross 7. However, new Macross productions like Macross Frontier have used elements from both the first T.V. series and this film. In Macross tradition, it features transforming mecha, pop music, and a love triangle. The movie gets its name from its romantic themes and also by the song sung during its climactic battle sequence by Lynn Minmay (voiced by Mari Iijima). In Macross Frontier, the latest series in the Macross universe, the first few episodes use re-animated key scenes from this film and Flash Back 2012 to give viewers glimpses of past events.

*Just a little something for Sunday night , made me laugh a bit ( it's got those awkward moments old anime's have , when you have to look around the room, hoping no one saw you , even though you're alone ! ) .
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