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Cosplay #1: How to put on Makeup for Cosplay?

This month, we interviewed an experience cosplayer who is willing to share her knowledge about makeup for cosplay. She is known as Akihiko Michaelis. This is the beginning issue of Cosplay Technique O'Matic by Malaysia Cosplay Toshokan. Hopefully, this section of the Cosplay Technique O'Matic works out and it does help everyone in pursueing the Cosplay hobby in general. In this article, we will talk about how to apply general make up, eyeliner, contouring, eyelashes, eyeshadow, blusher and lips. The pictures might be a little low in resolution as it is taken with the ever popular Apple iPhone 4.

How do we get started with? So in this portion first you need to start of with a clean face. Make sure there is no oil on the face. Remember to make sure that you put on the contact lens before starting to make up. Next, is to conceal the dark circles, redness and unwanted features on your face. The following step is to apply foundation onto the face and then seal it with loose powder with the powder brush. It is important to not forget to conceal the eyebrows if the eyebrows of the cosplay character has a different colour. There it is the getting started image by Ms. Akihiko.

Getting Started with Makeup

Next to proceed on after making up it is to choose your favourite red makeup. Ms. Akihiko prefers to use her favourite red for her base colour for all her female characters. Firstly to start of is to start with the outer corner of your eyes. Next, slowly adding in the colours and remember to not forget the water line of your eye. Then blend it well of all the makeup.

Eye Shadow Makeup Section

In depth into the current character that Ms. Akihiko pick for this tutorial is the Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier. So for Sheryl Nome the character has more purple colour, it is mandatory to apply more bright purple onto the red colour and blend them thoroughly. In addition, pick the light pink colour and apply it on to the middle of the eye in order to have the extra eye dimension.

Eye Shadow Second Section

Eyeliner! It is important for this section, remember to apply the eyeliner with the black colour eyeliner pencil. Firstly line the inner eyelash part. Becareful because sometimes in a rush condition, sometimes you might get hurt due to the eyeliner pencil.

Continue in depth into the Eyeliner. First of all apply the liquid eyeliner. Make sure the liquid eyeliner is with a sharp tip. In this tutorial, the product used are the Maybelline Ultra Liner. Next draw the thin straight line nearest to the lashline. Slowly stroke to make the line thicker till the thickness of preference. In order to make a sharp edge on outer corner, slowly wink your eye. Then slowly, draw down from the lower lashline which is the waterline from thick to thin. It is suggested to practice a lot for drawing the eyeliner as it is a very tedious process. As you go on, the most tedious portion is drawing the inner corner tip of your eye and then slowly connect with the upper eyeline. After finish drawing, open your eyes wide as you can see it is balanced.

Eyeliner Application

Eyeliner Completed Work

Now comes to the eyelashes section, Ms. Akihiko prefers to use thick volume lashes previously but in this tutorial she founds out that the soft lashes are much more comfortable to be worn. Sometimes the volume is not much of a problem as you can combine 2 lashes to make the same length as your eye. The most important portion of this part is to stick the lower lashes as the lower lashes generally are straight in shape which are found hard to mould into shape. To begin this process, the lashes are to be stick from the outer corner to the inner corner slowly.

Eyelashes Application

What next? It is the eyebrows, if you see some characters are designed according to their haircolour so eyebrows are really important. First pick the same natural colour for the hair of the character. In this scenario, brown colour is picked with a moderate mix colour with red. It is then blended together so the colour will be nice and natural.

Eyebrows Application

Contouring is very important in makeup for cosplay as the contour able to make a slim face by first choosing the darkest colour of the pallet which then lightly brushed in and out. It is then blended in order to soften the colour. The lighter brown will be picked for the nose then it is contoured from quarter bottom of the eyebrows then straight down till the nose tip. In this scenario, the pearl white and shimmer is used to highlight the t-zone and inner portion of the eyes which makes an illusion to have a higher nose bridge.

Contour Application

Lastly, use the light pink blusher from in and out on the cheeks to finalize the makeup. For the lips in this scenario, the skin colour, vamp red and skin coloured gloss is used. Firstly start of with the skin colour then followed by the vamp on the inner section of the lips. Finally, apply the skin colour gloss which then concludes the makeup for this tutorial.

Blusher Application with Lips

Finalization of the Makeup and Accessories

Sheryl Nome Test Cosplay

Sheryl Nome Cosplay
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