Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Brief Look Into Animes This Season (Thus Far)

Alright, so, this Fall 2013 season is packed with animes I'm planning to follow while they air in Japan. Thus far, three series I'm following have started: Outbreak Company, Golden Time, and Log Horizon. All three animes seem to have promise in their own way, but I'll briefly break down each.

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Let's start with Outbreak Company. Outbreak Company is an anime about an otaku guy who is sent to an alternate universe by the Japanese government to (apparently) provide them with Japanese entertainment like anime, manga, music, etc. From the looks of it and the studio's history with other anime's I've watched, I'd expect Outbreak Company to take more of an ecchi turn than any other animes I've gotten into thus far into the Fall season. While it's not necessarily my favorite genre, I expect there to be several laugh-worthy moments in this anime. Also, for anyone else who would like to follow Outbreak Company, episodes seem to come in on Thursdays.

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Next off is Golden Time. Unlike Outbreak Company, Golden Time definitely seems to have a bigger focus on romantic-comedy than ecchi moments. As this anime is backed by the same studio that did animes such as Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko, Sakurasou, and Toradora, I especially expect this anime to be a lot less focused up perverted fan service and more upon developing relationships between characters, with comedy to match, of course. All in all, I'm expecting great things of this series especially since, well, I've liked several animes that were done in the past by the same studio. For everyone's reference, Golden Time's episodes seem to be planned for Thursdays.

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The last anime that's already started and I'm following is Log Horizon. Of the three I've already started, I'd say this anime is the outlier in terms of genres. The studio that's running this anime also did Fairy Tail and Macross Frontier, which I'm not familiar with either myself, but by other fan's observations is a positive factor. Log Horizon is much like Sword Art Online in the sense that the characters are trapped inside an online game called Elder Tale, in this case. The main character also matches well to Kirito in SAO in the sense he does not like guilds, but he (Shiroe in Log Horizon) does party up with a couple of his friends, unlike Kirito initially in SAO. While some may think Log Horizon is an SAO ripoff, I honestly don't think it is, at least after episode one, I may change my mind later. All in all, I also expect a lot in this anime, but not quite as much as Golden Time. For everyone's reference, Log Horizon's episodes seem to be planned for Saturdays.
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