Thursday, September 5, 2013

Robotech: The Macross Saga for the Gameboy Advance

I'm a big fan of Robotech, BIG fan. Remembered playing the NES game and I loved the music which was actually lifted from the anime series. Although Raiden is a better game, I stilll enjoyed the NES game because, well, I'm a fan. The SNES version was even more awesome so I was expecting the Gameboy Advance to do even better.. Sad to say, I was really disappointed, the game feels like the NES version except for the fact that it is not in 8-bit but the overall feel of the game is the same with the NES version. No improvements in comparison with the SNES version so, I think this game sucks.. BIG TIME! I still played and finished the game in the hopes of finding some redeeming factor, I even managed to create a playthrough of the game, but I still feel really disapppointed. Here's my playthrough.
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