Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Macross VF-1A Valkyrie Angel Birds Diorama

Recently, I came upon a rather interesting item on Yahoo Japan Auction. It is a diorama of a formation of Macross VF-1A Angel Birds as seen in the first episode of the Macross TV series as well as the box art which the model kits are made from.

Consisting of three Hasegawa 1/48-scale VF-1A Valkyrie Angel Bird model kits, this diorama replicates the box art of the famed mecha artistas seen below.

The seller states that the base is made of granite and it looks like he used the original Hasegawa box in making the base as well. I don't think he pulled off the idea completely, but he does get points for creativity. The kits look to be built well with the tiny details of the pilots all painted. His overall stated dimensions are 45cm H x 63cm W x 63cm D and its weight is a hefty 6 to 7 kgs. The auction is running for 5 days and starts at5000.


Yahoo Japan Auctions: Hasegawa 1/48 Macross VF-1A Angel Birls at HLJ:

images: Seller Hikaru2genzi on Yahoo Japan Auctions, HLJ

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