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Cool Products Wednesday, August 28, 2013

For the new update, we've got some excellent products from Japan for you. You can view all new J-List products by clicking .

TODAY'S NEWKoukaku no Pandora is here.

Pick up the latest volume of the awesome Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga story, one of our favorite manga releases ever.

Fans of the wonderful cartoon series My Little Pony will love these new products from notebooks to pencils to stickers and more. Check it out.

We're proud to be releasing our newest T-shirt design, parodying Snake and Yotsubato, both wearing their signature disguises.

A fun item for those who love pandas and want to add some black and white cuteness to your closet.

Our customers keep buying up all our 8-bit sunglasses, and we keep getting more in stock. How nerdy will you look in these this summer?

Whether to freak-out your friends or just have fun at a party, our cool Attack on Titan mask pretty freaking awesome.

A great new deluxe mask of Otousan, the dog from the famous Soft Bank commercials here in Japan. Recommended for furries and fans of Soft Bank.

Fans of A Certain Magical Index, rejoice! Here's the awesome limited edition HD Blu-ray release of the movie titled Endymion's Miracle.

See the just released OP and ED to the hilarious , or score the brand new . I know I will.

We love Star Wars, and are beefing up our product stock in time for Christmas. Browse the restocked ice cube trays on the site now!

We have two new wall scrolls featuring the majestic Mt. Fuji, Japan's highest and most prominent mountain. Add a touch of exoticness to your room today.

Every page of this lucky calendar features cute art of the cats that everyone loves, the maneki neko (lucky cat). Plus other cute calendars too.

We always have fun Japanese study tools, and today we're restocking the Basic Kanji Drill series. Study the way Japanese children do.

Keep up your energy with a bag of delicious milk candy from the island of Hokkaido. It comes in three delicious flavors, from the famous candy maker, Fuijiya.

See other great Japanese snacks, including new Matsuri Cotton Candy and Pineapple flavored Hi-Chew, new Kracie Marine Life Gummy + more.

We've got a nice gift for our customers: buy $20 or more of Japan-based products (snacks, figures etc) and get a free* bag of Cheeseburger Cheetos included!

Restocked goodies are now in our warehouse, ready to be shipped to you. Try these delicious Koala no March cookies, a favorite here around the office.

Also, we have other fun bento boxes including traditional bento, cute Panda Omusubi bento, stylish modern bento and more.

Create super cute boxed lunches with the help of Hello Kitty, plus many other must-have tools of the bento master.

Add a dash of cuteness to your dining table with these kawaii mug cups featuring a blue Neko-san and white Rabbit.

In Japanese, a corn dog is called an "American Dog" because...we have no idea. Make fun American Dogs, doughnuts and waffles with your microwave!

J-List goes out of our way to bring fascinating chopsticks from Japan to you. See our Alien chopstick line restocked today.

Cuteness overflows with these traditional displays and charms. Add some kawaii flavor to your room.

Fundoshi (pronounced foon-doh-shi) is the traditional underwear worn by the samurai, which we've restocked. Also: kanji headbands!

Plus many cool traditional items too, like the Handmade Wooden Swords, a real bamboo pillow and good luck charms from Shinto shrines!

The main heroine of the epic anime Sword Art Online gets a new figure for preorder. Featuring the very lovely Asuna ready for battle!

Our beloved Saber gets a new figure featuring her adorable pajama as seen from the anime Fate/Zero. Another great figure for you to collect!

Now you can have all your favorite Macross Heroines in Nendoroid Petite form with this awesome figure box set by Good Smile Company. Preorder now!

From the hit anime Fantasista Dolls comes this incredible twin pack figures of main heroine Uzume Uno & her first doll Sasara. Love their pose and cute designs.



The latest edition of Dengeki G's Comic Festival is here! It's 500 pages of manga bliss, based on the VNs and Bishoujo games we all love. This month issue comes with a special gift, a dakimakura (hug pillow) cover featuring Ro-Kyu-Bu's Hinata. Take home the monthly moe magazine that doesn't disappoint.

If young married Japanese ladies are your thing, check out this hot magazine featuring Japanese wives being very naughty indeed.

Popular bishoujo artist Tony Taka presents volume 2 of Recollect with 60 pages full of erotic bishoujo illustrations in full color!

Check out this super hot erotic manga featuring a mother and daughter tandem paying their huge amount of debt via their luscious bodies.

Check out titles like You Are Mine, Secret Tsundere Girl, The Pretty Peach Hip, and Otome Saku, all restocked today.

Fans of the hit bishoujo game Shukufukuno Kanenoneha Sakurairono Kazetotomoni (or Iwaou for short) are in for a treat with this very excellent artbook.

We also restocked some of our favorite artbooks by the likes of Satoshi Urushihara, Toshihide Sano and Life Ito. Love them all!

From Japanese adult toy maker A-One, comes this new high grade stress relief accessory for men with lotion included for immediate use.

This is great, a highly detailed and meticulously engineered toy that simulates oral play. It's super realistic, doesn't mind if you shoot inside.

Keep in mind that we keep fresh stock of all the popular "relaxation devices" that you've come to love.

We've restocked our highly advanced stress toys as well, like the USB Onacon + 3D Custom Girl simulator + other high-tech toys.

Spice up your lonely nights with this amazing ready-to-fuck love doll flog pillow. Her name is Haruka, and has amazing realistic Japanese proportions.

Remember, that the excellent English translated eroge / RPG Yumina is being produced right now. It's the game that every fan should buy!

Visual novel masterpieces Irotoridori no Sekai and Irotoridori no Hikari, now available in one beautiful box. Comes with free book!

Plus check out all the great hentai anime titles we have available too, like Tentacle and Witches and Princess Knight Lilia.

Former AKB48 Eri Takamatsu also know as Risa Tachibana ends her short career as a porn actress in a mind blowing Blu-Ray production fans won't want to miss!

The latest Hitomi Tanaka title puts the worldwide popular G-Cup Japanese star in the role of a naughty wife. We can't take our eyes off her.

TMA gives AV fans an great occasion to look back at some of the best actresses from the late 00's with 3 volumes available for you today!

Hot Japanese AV Idol Meisa Chibana surprises her female fans by knocking at their doors and inviting herself in their home, sharing with them the experience of a lifetime!


Finally, see a great restocking of JAV titles, including Hitomi Tanaka's "Nyuru Nyuru [Slippery] Body" other great recent works, the Futanari Lesbian Complete Box and other all girls works, Female Director Haruna's naughty productions with Tokyo girls, the Japanese Female Genitalia Encyclopedia, Japanese AV actors vs. blonde girls from Eastern Europe, plus awesome Lotion Wrestling.
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