Monday, September 30, 2013

The Anime Music Tournament 2013 Bracket Osaka

Like the post from the Naota bracket, I post here with of brackets completed, and the close to finishing. As were nearing the end of the first round, hopefully things will become a little easier to work on. As for now, here's some more interesting pieces to listen to.


Friday, September 27, 2013

Voltron and Robotech Crossover Scheduled for December

Fans of mecha anime, particularly Western fans who were introduced to it in the 80s via localizations should get ready for December, as World Events Productions and Harmony Gold have partnered with Dynamite Entertainment in order to produce a comic series that will feature Voltron (Beast King GoLion and Armored Fleet Dairugger XV) and Robotech (Macross,Genesis Climber Mospeada, and Super Dimension Century Southern Cross).

The project will be discussed at NYCC Friday October 11th at 11:00 a.m. in Room 1A14 with representatives:

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Kickass Fictional Ladies: Lisa Hayes

I'm pretty excited that it is my turn up at bat for our series on Kickass Fictional Ladies.The Red Menace introduced us to the , and Tiny Doom reminded us of how sexy capable women can be with .

While I went through my initial list of characters to profile, I finally chose this character because she made me like a series I didn't really want to like.Giant robots are pretty low on my list of things that are awesome.But thanks to two very persistent gentleman, I was convinced that I was doing myself a huge disservice for not at least giving * a chance.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Macross VF-1A Valkyrie Angel Birds Diorama

Recently, I came upon a rather interesting item on Yahoo Japan Auction. It is a diorama of a formation of Macross VF-1A Angel Birds as seen in the first episode of the Macross TV series as well as the box art which the model kits are made from.

Consisting of three Hasegawa 1/48-scale VF-1A Valkyrie Angel Bird model kits, this diorama replicates the box art of the famed mecha artistas seen below.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

MacrossWorld Convention 2013 Coming Soon

MacrossWorld's very own convention is happening on October 5th in Torrance, California. This year's special guests include , the voice of Minmay, who will be performing some of the hit series songs as well has her own original music. Also appearing is popular artist , the illustrator responsible for the awesome box art you find on Hasegawa, Bandai, Kotobukiya kits and more. Both will be signing autographs.

celebrates the ongoing love affair that anime fans have with the Macross anime franchise which is commemorating its 30th anniversary this year. Macross might be the most influential anime series to ever hit America whether you realize it or not. Its the series (under the guise of Robotech) that helped usher in a tidal wave of interest in the medium during its 1980 s infancy.

Goo ranks the best characters in anime and manga that you would want to call big brother

In Japan, big brothers are often called "aniki", but that term ain't just for guys who are actually elder brothers but also for the strong, powerful and wise people you would really want to call "big brother".These strong, manly characters would definitely make you want to serve them whether in a group or as actual elder brothers.

is no short of these characters and Japanese media website ranks the 25 best anime characters you would want to call "aniki" or big brother. Here are their results:

Hobby Japan reveals new Gundam, Valvrave, LBX and other plastic models with their November issue

The latest from the November 2013 issue of lets us take a peek at the latest upcoming or plastic model releases based on your favorite anime series.

Let's start of with these upcoming GunPla releases from

Monday, September 23, 2013

" Feelings can become genuine all by accident."-Hei (Darker than BLACK)

I'm a huge shipper. What can I say? A little romance when it's appropriate is really nice. And so, I've complied a few of my favorite anime couples. Some are canon, and some aren't. They are in no particular order despite the numbers because I couldn't POSSIBLY love one more than another:


"There are only bad kids in the demon world."

And so the first anime of the 2013 summer season comes to an end at 10 episodes (with the promise of an OVA in the future). Other opinions that I've read are generally positive. For anyone who is considering to give this anime a try, I've composed a little package for you:


Sunday, September 22, 2013

AFA ID 2013: Interview with May'n

At AFA ID 2013, Ani-Culture team had the chance to be able to join in the interview session with May'n. Below is a group interview done by Ani-Culture together with the other media representatives. What if you got the chance tomeet Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier. What would it be the first thing(s) that you will be saying to her? I would tell her that name is May'n and I am a singer.To me, as a singer, the starting and most important point is for my audience/fans to remember me and my name. How did the name "May'n" came to be? What imagery comes to mind when people first think of the name? Even though when I introduce myself to others with my real name, people tend to remember me as May'n.The image that I would like to create would be someone that likes to sing and will keep on singing for as long as they can. If given the opportunity in the future to be able to choose an anime production that you would really like to sing for, what genre of anime would it be? Hmm.. There isn't really a particular genre of anime that I would especially like to sing for. Up to now, I seem to have been singing for series with fighting themes, so for a change, I'd like to challenge myself to some sort of music genre series. I believe that I can let my music reach out to the fans in any form. What is your impression of the Indonesia and is there any particular aspects of Indonesia that catches your fancy? Well, because of the hectic schedules and line-up for the event, I haven't really had the time to leisurely explore the place as yet. There are really a lot of places in this country that I would love to visit. Indonesia gives me the impression of a country with lots of natural resources. I guess you could say I am particularly excited about the beaches and oceans surrounding this country. Do you have any future plans to develop your music and singing career beyond the anime industry?Hmm.. I can't really say. However, for almost all of my singles and albums that have debut or released thus far, they have been, in one way or another, related to the anime industry. I am in fact singing the OP for "Blood Lad" anime, which is currently broadcasting this season in Japan. I can't say whether this is already a stereotypical situation, but we have just got to see how it goes from here. Of course it will be great to have the fans' supports in whatever forms of developments I take my singing career to. Recently, you took part in the gaming industry by providing theme songs for Onimusha Soul(Track "Outrider" from Run Real Run) and E.X. Troopers(Track "Mr. Super Future Star"). Do you have plans to spread your music further by collaborating with more game makers in the future ? I am really happy that I have been singing theme songs for a lot more games series. However, honestly, I feel that there is no particularly big difference in singing for anime, or singing for games. While the game makers convey the storyline through game-play, when I sing the accompanying theme songs,I try to capture the feel of the game. This is how I feel when I sing the theme songs. I would definitely look forward to any future opportunities of such similar collaborations. That's all we have for May'n, stay tune for more interview post on other artist at AFA ID 2013.

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Was the Zentradi Alliance Self-Destructive?: Part 1

In the anime Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Zentradi are a race of giant alien warriors, genetically identical to humans and capable of being reduced to human size. They function as proxy forces for the unseen and extinct "Protoculture" race; there are no civilians and the sexes work separately for the same military goals.

They attack Earth, but some find that exposure to Earth's culture, (especially to themusic / persona of pop star Lynn Minmay), awakens repressed desires and causes them to question their system. A portion of Zentradi ally with humanity to gain these freedoms, and to save themselves from the authorities that now consider them contaminated. Following these events are a franchise of Macross series, in which internal unrest from allied Zentradi is a recurring plot point, due to a tension between the Zentradi past and their future.Some fans have looked at these events and decided that humanity allying with the Zentradi was meant to be a fundamentally self-destructive move. "Self-destruction" can be defined in two ways.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Robotech: Love Live Alive (2013) Direct To video animated OVA

Overall verdict: 6/10

The Good: A creative summary movie given a new spin, high nostalgia factor, good voice acting, improved sound effects, marvellous music and songs, consistent and coherant narrative.

The Bad: sub-par new animation, reflects the shortcomings of the aged original animation, mediocre editing of scenes, over-reliance on reused scenes, some voice actors did not age well.

The Top Ten Greatest Toy Lines Ever!

This is a list I've been thinking of for a good while, and now is as good a time as ever. If you read my stuff, you would think this list could be named "Top ten action figure lines", but that would actually not work. Sure, it's mostly dominated by action figures, but there may be a few entries that just happens to fall in a different category.

I have collected, played with - and ultimately considered a huge selection of toys for this list. Some of the toy lines were rather difficult to leave out, and I feel like mentioning a few of them (but not all, because that would ruin eventual surprises).


Two hundred years ago(in 1985)nobody knewnothin' aboutJapanese animation.

Sure,there was Speed Racerand Star Blazers and stuff.But there was also this MASSIVEhidden world of movies and TV seriesfrom Japanthat had no way of getting to the US.

TransFormers Collectors' Club BotCon 2007 (Timelines) Boxed Set: Games of Deception

For one reason or another all the BotCon sets produced by Fun Publications end up being contentious, but 2007's is easily the most controversial. Hasbro, at the time, had released only three of the Decepticon jets - Starscream, Ramjet and Skywarp, with the latter only being available in a 2-pack with Ultra Magnus. All the indications were that none more would be produced (apart from the occasional rerelease/repaint of Starscream, for no obvious reason), and so FunPub took the opportunity to satisfy their members Seeker and Conehead OCD by creating their own versions of Thundercracker, Dirge and Thrust.

The outcry was stunning, possibly the stuff of fandom legend... But that was nothing to the outcry of some of those who bought the set, only for Takara Tomy, then Hasbro, to release their own version of the missing three Decepticon jets, with entirely new wings for the remaining two Coneheads... but was the Botcon set worth all the fuss?

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

[New Plastic Model Kit] Bandai's VF-1J Super Valkyrie from Macross

Finally, is releasing a couple of long-awaited Valkyries from the classic mecha anime series.

These two 1/72 scale Super Valkyrie kits are sold separately and are made of PS, ABS and PC materials. The blue one is piloted by ace pilot Maximilian Jenius while the red VF-1J Super Valkyrie is piloted by his lovely wife, Millia F. Jenius. Both model kits are fully transformable from their usual fighter mode to their Gerwalk mode and then to their Battroid mode.

Overall influences

As a somewhat-classical pianist, I draw from a lot of the European composers' stylistic and piano techniques of the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Impressionistic, Jazz, and Contemporary eras.

I am also of a Chinese-Indonesian background, where I have absorbed countless 'WuXia' films and various cultural ideas and musical tastes (from both sides of the family). Drawing from the other arts, I am substantially inspired and influenced by illustrations, predominantly from the Japanese drawing styles of their manga (comic books); and literature (in this case, children's books and sci-fi/fantasy novels).

From watching a lot of movies and animations, I am profoundly inspired by film composers with their soaring orchestral pieces such as Hans Zimmer, John Williams, Howard Shore (LOTR), and Joe Hisaishi (Studio Ghibli films). There are many game composers to which I also look to for my sources of inspiration, one of them being Nobuo Uematsu, of the renowned Final Fantasy series. Other film scores and video game OST's that I would like to mention are the Assassin's Creed series, A Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Harvest Moon, Crisis Core, Team Fortress 2, and Halo.

Anime you should watch: Macross

Super Dimensional Fortress Macross et seq. Noburo Ishiguro, Shoji Kawamori, Ichiro Itano/Studio Nue/Tatsunoko Productions

People of a certain age may remember a show called Robotech that played on TV in the afternoons after school. Robotech was based (very loosely) on SDF Macross (and some other giant robot shows).

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Yamato Macross DYRL Helmets

This are seriously amazing and would be great for any Macross or anime fan's collection. these are full 1:1 scale Macross/Robotech helmets. These awesome replica Macross helmets were created by the Japanese Toy company Yamato. I don't think they are made for any actual protection but Damn I want one. The only problem is I think they were on a very limited run because I can not find them anywhere online. I've checked from eBay to just about every Japanese toy vendor that I know and have come up about 3 years too late.

The helmets come in 3 versions; red, yellow, and blue for Rick, Roy, and Max. I've always been a fan of Max more then Roy or Rick so I would have to choose blue, but honestly I would be happy with any of these. If you guys end up having better luck than me and are ever able to locate them, then let us know and send us a picture. We would love to see it. Anyways, check out the pictures below and let us know what you think. Leave your thoughts in a comment below or on our .

Full Concert Lineup for Anime Festival Asia (Singapore) 2013 Announced!

Fresh news! The FULL lineup for the upcoming 8, 9 and 10 November 2013 Anisong Concert in Singapore has been announced!

(Official news sources: Live announcement made by AFA Channel during AFA Indonesia's Friday Anisong Concert, as well as the freshly launched AFA Singapore website at

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Saint Seiya Omega, Evangelion (Rebuild) and Macross Frontier: The False Diva card games


First off, there is the newest Saint Seiya expansion of the Crusade system.This time, it is set 3 of the Omega series, called `New Cloths Chapter` and deals with the Palasite arc currently being shown.It also, quite cool, includes the `Triton Scales` for the Bronze saints, from the Omega Burning Cosmo game I also own and finished on the PSP a few months ago.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Anime Music Tournament 2013 Bracket Kagami

Pretty glad we're more than halfway through this first round. This gets tiring after a while, but luckily the songs don't, as these indicate.


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Review: Valvrave the Liberator (2013)

From the emotionally intense Chihayafuru S2 to the mind-blowing Attack on Titan to the happy-go-lucky Uta No Prince Magi Love 2000%, the lineup for early 2013 was well-received amongst all Otakus. With such strong favourites, what could possibly rival against these popular titles? A mecha series - believe it or not - and it's none other than Ko Matsuo's Valvrave the Liberator which sneakily declared itself as this year's unexpected dark horse contender.

Thanks to the success of mecha predecessors such as Code Geass, Gurren Lagann and Macross Frontier, many would have brushed aside Valvrave the Liberator due to the overrated status of the genre. However, the Sunrise production has proven itself to be a worthy addition to the mecha family as it surprisingly rejuvenates the genre with its bizarre style and twists.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

STGCC 2013 Interview with TAM (TAMusic)

With a week gone since STGCC, we really missing the vibe of the crowd and excitement at STGCC.On the Saturday of STGCC, we had an exclusive interview with TAM. TAM himself is a pretty awesome guy who is an enthusiastic with us and he has a nice confident vibe around him. So without futher ado, our interview! *Disclamer, this interview was done through a translator so some details may be missed out. Your first instrument was the violin yes? Any special reason you picked up music or the violin? My first instrument was the piano actually as my mother is a piano teacher. I first started playing the violin with my elder brother at the age of 2 as I was forced into it by my parents and I was sick of it when my parents forced me to play classical. However when I fell in love with moe-culture, I begun picking up the violin again to do covers. Any plans for any solo concerts? I did my own concerts about 5-6 years ago at my hometown and over time as gain recognition over time, I get less time to plan my own concerts. I answer mostly to offers to play at events now. I started of with street life to concerts and now I'm here! All over the world. How do you feel reaching each milestone of your musical career from street lives to concerts and now here, invited overseas? Do you prefer the street live to concerts at times? Where I'm standing now, its because of what happened in the past(my street life) so every single milestone is important to me and I really had fun. Right now, the street life for me is impossible as too many people gather around as I play and the last time, I had to cancel one as there was simply too large of a crowd gathering as I play in Akibahara. I stopped about 7 years ago. Besides Oreimo and Shingeki no Kyojin, which of the recent series have you taken a liking to recently? Recently I have taken of liking to Watamote((!) and I really like Sword Art Online. I can't really draw a line with my favourite anime as I'm watching too much anime to have a favourite. From managing TAMUSIC and producing, do you experience any stress and how do you deal with? In TAMUSIC, the priority in our group is having fun doing what we are doing so we can create a fun evironment for everyone involved so we can deliver fun music to the listeners. Sometimes we have work commitments so we do stay up producing music but that isn't a cause of stress for me. How do the 400 members interact with each other? There are 400 members do not interact all together at one time, there are different groups of people in the team who interact with me rather with each other when we work together. At his live mini-concert, I had the front centre seat in the house and its great to hear his violin up so close! TAM is great with performances and the violin was a joy to listen to despite the acoustics and mics. After the performance, he was totally wiped out but the crowd really love it! He performed various songs from Touhou, Final Fantasy, Key, Evangelion, Macross Frontier, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Haiyore-Nyaruko-san and lastly, the Chou Kumikyoku Nico Nico Douga. My personal favorite really is the Key medley as it really takes you on a trip through the world of Key(thus making me shed manly tears). REALLY diggin his performance! Stay tune for more!

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Anime One ranks which anime cross-overs do people want to see the most

Anime and manga may not be something new but whenever these things happen, people will be excited about it. With and duking it out, Anime One has recently conducted a survey on which anime cross-overs do people want to see the most. With a total of 1,035 votes, here are the results:

33, 32, 31- Space Captain Harlock X One Piece- 0 votes

Chinese News Site Shows Battlestar Galactica as Futuristic Aircraft Carrier

China's news media may have frakked up royally.

The reports that the Japanese language version of the China Internet Information Centre showed the above image of the from the 2004-09 version of as an illustration for a piece about aircraft carriers of the future.

Anime Backlog Habits: What Makes You Prioritise One Series Over Another?

First World Problems - but hey, everyone's experienced this. There is simply too much anime out there for one person, no matter how much of a dedicated fan you might be, to watch. So pretty much every anime fan has a backlog or a to-watch list floating around somewhere, whether it's in your head or written down.

Here's an interesting thought to ponder: assuming that everything on your backlog is something you want to watch, what makes you prioritise one series over another?

Monday, September 9, 2013

LEGO Robotech

I know what you're thinking...When and Where can I buy this awesome LEGO set? Well unfortunately this is not an actual licensed LEGO or Robotech set. This is actually the work of builder who has taken his passion for Robotech/Macross to an awesome new level. Hopefully things like this motivates designers and toy companies to think out side of the box and look beyond the mainstream for inspiration. I could definitely see a limited run of these sets being made for collectors. I have to say the the armored VF-1S and the Max VF-1J are my favorites

LEGO actually does look to their fans for ideas for new sets or series that will be put into production. I know I would love to see something like this made availability to the public. I mean could you imaging if they ended up selling the Super Dimensional Space Fortress? That thing would be massive and a ton of fun to put together. Anyways check out the images below and let us know your thoughts. Would you like to see this actually put into production by LEGO? Leave us a comment below or on our .

The Anime Music Tournament 2013 Bracket Jigglypuff

Given the nature of the Pokemon, I wouldn't be surprised if this was a sleep-inducing bracket on initial glance. Thankfully, this is not the case, as the here keep things lively in a good way.


Sunday, September 8, 2013

Some Origami Star Folding Paper, Because I Made These When My Brain Hurt

Hello! A really long time ago, I posted some paper strips for origami stars on this blog. I think that folding them is relaxing, and, once you've made a bunch of them, it's also easy to fold them while you're watching TV without even looking away from the screen. I still make them sometimes, even though I haven't posted about it for quite a while, but last week, I was reading some stuff that was borderline indecipherable for a literary theory class and needed a mind-numbing project to do between finishing essay readings. Because of that, I took some of the sprites that I made as the basis for my sprite patterns and put them onto some printable lucky star strips! I don't know if anyone wants these or not, or if, for people who would want them, I made decent choices for sprites to include. I tried to pick sets that I'd either posted all or most of the corresponding patterns to this blog already, though, and, except for in one case where I didn't care if anyone else wanted the paper stars, tried to pick sets that, in the past, people had liked. If you're reading this and quickly scroll down to see what the four sets of star paper are, feeling crushed that I left out a sprite pattern set that you would gladly print and fold up, please leave a comment and let me know! I wouldn't at all mind doing another post of these in the future.

Before I post them, I would like to say that I made these star strips using a template originally posted by . She did make a much nicer and spiffier one than what I used, but I don't have photoshop, so I stuck with the basic template. Also, if you would like to know how to actually fold these stars, here is ! I know that a lot of people complain about all of the ads on there, but this article has clear instructions and giant pictures, so that's why I picked it. Anyway, here are the sets of star paper, ready for you to print and wad up!

Reborn! 2013/09/09

Let's Search Manga in Japanese !


Unlimited DVD

Posted: 19 Aug 2013 06:39 AM PDT

Selling@www.yesbuy . Net * Media Type: DVD-R for General, DVD recordable format once. * Conforms to DVD Specifications for Recordable Disc Ver. 2.0 (4.7GB). * Record

Unlimited DVD

Posted: 22 Aug 2013 06:39 AM PDT


Unlimited DVD

Posted: 02 Sep 2013 06:40 AM PDT


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As we all know, the Anime Festival Asia Indonesia (AFAID) is currently ongoing, or rather day 1 has just ended. And, we are being surprised by this special announcement about AFASG 2013 made during last night's (6th September) concert! First off for the I love Anisong artists performing this year we haveHachioji P. Dubbed as the 'Prince of Vocaloid music' on Japan's video sharing site 'Nico Nico Douga'. He is well recognized as a music creator, remixer and DJ for Vocaloid music. He has also collaborated with famous creatos such as kz of livetune and also been involved in producing work for artist like Shouko Nakagawa, Hikari Shiina also done arrangement work for Yuu Kikkawa, Mayu Watanabe (AKB48) and Aya Hirano. Catch him at AFASG 2013!.LivetuneLivetune is a solo project created by the genius, music producer "kz". He is very well know for his work in vocaloid as well on Nico Nico Douga. A famous song by him would be "Tell Your World", which is use for Google Chrome x Hatsune Miku project's TV commercial which capture more than 4 million views when released. Watch out for his performance at AFASG2013! Motsu x DJ KayaMotsu went to US at 22 and taught himself to rap and dance. He debuted as the leader of "MORE DEEP", a dance unit in 1990 and join m.o.v.e in 1997. He has produced all of the opening songs for the popular TV animation "Initial D". In 2011, he produced a new unit called "ALTIMA" with Maon Kurosaki and fripSide's sat for popular series like "Shakugan no Shana" and "Accel World". DJ Kaya is a all-round trendsetting DJ. His total of compilation albums have reached more than a million copies.He is also known as a dance floor hacker with his unique genreless style. Catch both of them mix it up at AFASG2013! Eir AoiHottest up-rising female vocalist in Japan. She is known for her song for the Anime theme of "Fate/Zero", "Sword Art Online" & "GUNDAM AGE". Her 1st full album "BLAU" is also out now. Her debut single "MEMORIA" on October 19 ranked in 8th on Oricon single weekly chart. Do not miss your chance to listen to her live at AFASG2013!LiSA She first came to prominence through the hit anime TV series, "Angel Beats!" in 2010 as the vocal role for the 2nd generation vocalist for the band within the series, "Girls Dead Monster". She then made her debut as a solo artist with a mini-album in 2011 and success in the chart performance on the Oricon charts. She have also performed in AFASG before so be sure to catch her performance again this year.May'nThe artist "May'n" is derived from her real name, and it demonstrates her hope to always "sing songs that will be everyone's main theme." In 2008, she performed as a singing voice of Diva of the Galaxy, Sheryl Norm, in the TV anime "Macross Frontier." She released 2 singles in the same year which instantly became big hits, each placing in the Top 3 on the Oricon Weekly Chart. May'n was chosen to record the theme song for the film "InciteMill - 7 Days Death Game-" in Fall 2010. The 3D Live Documentary movie "May'n THE MOVIE - Phonic Nation-" was released nationwide in February 2011. Catch her rocking it out at AFAG2013!Angela Making their debut with the opening song of Sci-Fi TV Animation "Stellvia" in 2003, Angela has become one of the biggest music acts in the Japanimation scene with the vocal of Atsuko and the melodic and detailed arrangement of KATSU. Since their debut, their songs have been used for popular animations and have dominated the Oricon chart every new release. Watch them rock out at AFASG2013!ELISABorn in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan on April 14, she debuted in 2007 with the song "euphoric field" which was the opening theme for the TV anime "ef - a tale of memories". She is also in charge of theme song of anime such as "Hayate the Combat Butler" and "To Aru Kagaku no Railgun". She has left a record of live performances, appearing at Japan's largest anime song festival "Animelo Summer Live" in four consecutive years since 2008 as well as successful large-scale one-man live performances. Get mesmerize by her voice at AFASG 2013T.M.Revolution In 1996, Takanori Nishikawa debuted as a solo project with the single "Dokusai -monopolize-". Following the success was also the release of many hit songs like "HEART OF SWORD", "HIGH PRESSURE", "WHITE BREATH", "INVOKE" and more. He had his first overseas concert at "OTAKON 2003", an anime convention held at Baltimore, Maryland, USA. These activities led to the release of his albums worldwide. He also participated on the recent "Anime Festival Asia 2012which was held at Singapore Expo on November 9, 2012. Watch him liven up the stage at AFASG2013!And finally ..T.M.Revolution & Mizuki Nana An unrivaled performer whose presence is felt from miles away, T.M. Revolution. A voice actress and singer who boasts immense popularity, Mizuki Nana. Between them, they have been involved in countless anime productions. In a revolutionary collaboration, these two giants unite to perform the opening song for Sunrise's new TV series 'Kakumeiki Valvrave', titled 'Preserved Roses'!Mizuki Nana She made her debut as an artiste in 2000 with a single titled 'Omoi' and she is also known for her voice acting for many characters in various anime. She ranks in the top class of Japan's voice actresses. Recognized for her unmatched singing ability and legendary stage performance, she invokes enthusiasm in her numerous fans from all around the world. Her first overseas live has been announced for November in Taiwan. Watch as the both of them team up to storm the stage at AFA2013!With this blockbuster list of artistes to grace AFA 2013 Singapore, fans are in for a...

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Gungrave, Black Heaven


The only cool thing about this anime is this picture.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Robotech: The Macross Saga for the Gameboy Advance

I'm a big fan of Robotech, BIG fan. Remembered playing the NES game and I loved the music which was actually lifted from the anime series. Although Raiden is a better game, I stilll enjoyed the NES game because, well, I'm a fan. The SNES version was even more awesome so I was expecting the Gameboy Advance to do even better.. Sad to say, I was really disappointed, the game feels like the NES version except for the fact that it is not in 8-bit but the overall feel of the game is the same with the NES version. No improvements in comparison with the SNES version so, I think this game sucks.. BIG TIME! I still played and finished the game in the hopes of finding some redeeming factor, I even managed to create a playthrough of the game, but I still feel really disapppointed. Here's my playthrough.
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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Yoko Kanno at Otakon 2013: "PIANO ME"

When Yoko Kanno was announced as a musical guest for Otakon 2013 a few months ago, I knew immediately that I had to go. Yoko Kanno debuted her new concert PIANO ME at Otakon. It consists of her playing piano solos alone on the stage, without any instrument or vocal backing. Yoko Kanno is easily my favorite anime composer -- her spectacular body of work include the soundtracks for Cowboy Bebop, Macross Frontier, Wolf's Rain, Genesis of Aquarion, Ghost in the Shell, and countless other incredible soundtracks that have created a huge mark in anime music.Copyright (c) 2013 . All licensed material are owned by their respective parties.

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Anime Juke Box

For this tune from the anime juke box I picked one of my favorite vocalists, Akino Arai. She seemed to pop up in some of my favorite anime of the 1990s. She has a lovely voice, and usually performs a love theme, or ballad for the show. I first encountered her in the OAV series MACROSS PLUS as the singer of the love theme "Voices". But one of my favorite pieces is the end credits to the space opera adventure series OUTLAW STAR. She performed two different end title songs, and both are great. Here is the one used for the first half, "Hiru no Tsuki". Enjoy!
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Cool Products Wednesday, August 28, 2013

For the new update, we've got some excellent products from Japan for you. You can view all new J-List products by clicking .

TODAY'S NEWKoukaku no Pandora is here.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Bookshops in Port Douglas, Queensland

If you are on holiday in Port Douglas at anytime make a point of visiting the excellent second-hand bookshop,The Book Lounge. It is on the corner of Grant and Warner Steets.

I bought two cookbooks there from among the several hundred on display, see below, and also a couple of Elmore Leonard novels.

Sugar Cereals And Ice Cream Dreams: The DAICON III And IV Opening Animations

There comes a point the life of any given fan where they are so fascinated by all the Cool Things they like, that they just really want to show it all to other people. They're practically bursting at the opportunity, the chance, the potential to explode in the raw ecstasy of talking up said Cool Things to anyone within earshot. There's a certain childlike wonder and glee to that, so while it can certainly be handled poorly by many in less than socially acceptable ways, it's a powerful sensation to both feel and behold.

Daicon Film, an amateur film club who came together to work on the opening ceremony video for the 1981 Nihon SF Taikai convention, clearly had such sentiments in their hearts when assembling a means of kicking off a science fiction event. To concoct an embodiment of the concept of Cool Things. In many respects, the eventual two opening animations they would go on to create are arguably among the most anime of anime to ever anime.

The 20 Greatest Giant Robots Ever: Part 1

All right. Time for the main event of Giant Robot Month. Title says it all so without further ado...

The 20 Greatest Giant Robots Ever

Monday, September 2, 2013

The Anime Music Tournament 2013 Bracket Hanyuu

Innocent Starter, guys? Really? Innocent Starter?!? Hau hau indeed (though I hate that catchphrase)

Every bracket so far has had interesting results (by "interesting", I mean results that make me shake my head when I read them again and again). Let's see what's cooking in the in this group.

Nendoroid Puchi: Macross Heroines

has started preorders of Nendoroid Puchi: Macross Heroines from the series Macross: Do You Remember Love?, Macross Plus, Macross 7, Macross Zero, Macross F.

FIGURE: Nendoroid Puchi: Macross Heroines