Saturday, August 24, 2013

Otaku Star of The Week #11 : Noboru Ishiguro

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For those who may not know who Noboru Ishigurois, he's a director of many sci-fi animes such as the Yamato & Macross series. He's also a noteworthy japanese animator, screenwriter and producer. However, he passed away in 2012 because of lung cancer leaving behind great works in the sci-fi anime/manga scene. And here, we wish to pay a tribute to this amazing person.

Real Name : Noboru IshiguroDate of Birth : 24 August 1938Place of Birth : Tokyo, JapanDate of Death : 20 March 2012Known to : be one of the greatest director in the Japanese sci-fi animation scene.Animes & Mangas : Astro Boy, Legend of Galactic Heroes, Yamato, Macross and many more.

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