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Valkyries - Second Sortie - is volume 2 () of Tenjin Hidetaka's series of Macross art books, with gorgeous illustrations of the mecha (variable fighters) appearing in the anime series.

Each illustration is printed on a full page spread, the color reproductions crisp and clean. Many of these illustrations were done back in the days of airbrush work; these days they would most probably be rendered in 3D.

(above) A chibi-fied version of the VF-1S Fighter - there's even a model of it .

(below) Gotta love these old school mechas, especially in light of a renewed interest in robots after Pacific Rim. ()

There's plenty to like in here if you're a fan of Macross or mecha, and the art work is beautifully presented in a big, easy to read book too. Highly recommended. ( )

details :

- Dimensions - 11.7 x 8.7 x 0.7 inches

- Softcover, 111 pages

- Full color, in Japanese language

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