Monday, July 22, 2013

More previews of this year's Forgeries@Froggwell show!

I'm very excited about this year's show, and not just because my major painting is not yet done!(And I know I'm not the only one!)

Linnane Armstrong, who was one of our guest artists at the Froggwell Biennale last year, has completed work on two wonderful woodblock prints for this show. Here's what Linnane had to say about her work:

For this years Froggwell forgeries show, I chose to make two woodblock prints from the school ofearly 20th century American women block printers influenced by Japonisme/Japanese aesthetics.

High Skies Harvest // woodblock print// Linnane Armstrong// all rights reserved Frances H. Gearhart's prints capture the landscapes of the western United States. I love her use of rich color and patterns with a distinct Arts

I'm very excited to see these prints! You can see more of Linnane's work on her page on this very blog, along with more about the woodblock process.

We are also very fortunate to be able to entice some artists from off island, from Seattle as well as artists fromacross the country to take part in our show.NANCY ARMO, from Seattle, WA is exhibiting with the Froggwell regulars this year, as are repeat offenders KAREN TRIMBLE, from Baltimore MD and JUDY BATES from Roanoke, VA.NANCY is proving that she has gotten into the spirit of the show, by providing the "documentation" for her works:

Thanks, Nancy, for providing us with this vital information on these recently discovered works!

KAREN TRIMBLE and I met umsome time ago when we were freshman in college, and ended up on the same dormitory floor.We were both art majors and both grew up in western PA, and I'm happy to say we are still painting and still friends all theseum several years later.

Water Spirit by Karen Trimble, after Aubrey Beardsley // all rights reserved

Trimble's homage to Gustav Klimpt

You can see more of Karen' s work .

I'll post more in a couple of days!Less than two weeks till show time.
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